January 15: Back to the Plotting Board


As the public schools are back late this year (January 9), our first meeting for 2017 will be on Sunday, January 15, at our usual Ben Franklin location. The general meeting will be at 1,

Writers’ Critique and Brainstorming


Have you painted your hero into a corner and can't figure out how to him get out? Does the story brewing in your head not look the same on paper? Are you wondering if your

Maggie Jagger’s Pitching Workshop


Pitching to agents and editors is part of writing life, no need to hyperventilate over it. We will first hone a synopsis, then we take turns pitching and hearing pitches. If you don't want to

Brainstorming: an Interactive Workshop


Don't know how to start or don't know where to go next? Brainstorming can help you uncover new ideas and move your writing in unexpected directions. We'll look at some Brainstorming tools before dividing into