The Business of Writing with Deborah Cooke


Deborah will be presenting an extended afternoon workshop to ORWA, with two sessions covering a broad range of information from the business side of writing. Her first session entitled the 'the buffet of publishing options'

Tax for Artists with Julia Stanley, CA


There are a variety of expenses writers can claim on their taxes. This workshop will provide an overview of what is allowed and what isn't. Julie Stanley, CA, is a manager with Ginsberg Gluzman Page

ORWA Writers Panel Q&A


A panel of published authors will answer all your questions about craft, the writing life, and the business of publication. Writers on the panel include Reece Butler, Opal Carew, Debbie Mazzuca, Annette McCleave, Sharon Page, Linda Poitevin, and

The Business of Writing with Claire Delacroix


Writers write, but we are also in business. Join bestselling author Deborah Cooke (aka Claire Delacroix) for a workshop on how publishing works. Learn how the money works, how to recognize and make the most