February 5: Bloody Believable: Using forensic science

Bloody Believable: Using forensic science to add depth to villain motivation, create realistic scenes and ensure that readers experience the terrifying details that go into crafting bloody believable book.

About the presenter

Sgt. Garneau is a Forensic Identification Officer specializing in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. He is actively involved in crime scene examinations/reconstructions and instructing at police colleges in Canada. Sgt. Garneau has been qualified by the courts as an expert witness in the field of Friction Ridge Analysis and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.

Workshop Details

Sunday February 5, 2017 2:30-4:00

Location: Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centerpointe Drive, room 1A opposite the library. Click for Google Maps

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Guests are welcome! ($20 fee)

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Prior to the workshop is our member meeting (1:00-1:45 PM)