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ORWA First Impressions

The goal of the ORWA First Impressions contest is to bring the entrants closer to publication by being mentored on how to improve their work. In addition to the crystal heart, the winning manuscript will be sent for critique by a published romance writer or for critique and consideration to an appropriate editor or agent. The contest uses electronic submissions; the cost to enter is $20.

Contest rules


Past Winners


2010: Coreene Smith
2009: n/a
2008: Lucy Farago
2007: Tammy Plunkett
2006: Kris Wong
2005: Teresa Wilde
2004: Margaret Attiwell David
2003: Sandra Hickey
2002: Nonnie Saad
2001: Nina Davis
2000: Anne Papadacos

1999: Kathryn Young-Davis
1998: Linda Poitevin
1998: Heather Postill
1997: Mary Munk
1996: Mandy Steinberg
1995: Kathy Childerhose
1994: Marianne Avon
1993: Liz Palmer
1992: Helene Spreng
1991: Mandy Steinberg
1990: Mandy Steinberg
1989: Linda Wiken
1988: Carmen Kingsley
1987: Audrey Jessup

Historical note: from 1987 through 2008 the award was known as the First Meet Award.